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Appropriate Body Reform

Last academic year, the Department of Education held a consultation on Appropriate Body services and sought view on three areas:

  1. How Appropriate Bodies can perform their role effectively. This focused on the systems in place for statutory induction including checking entitlements and supporting ECT progress, as well as any barriers that Appropriate Bodies face in carrying out their role effectively. 
  1. Induction assessment process. This focused on how far the assessment process during induction adds value to ECTs, schools and the profession more broadly.  
  1. Reforms to who can operate as an Appropriate Body. This focused on the transition period of transferring the role of Appropriate Bodies from Local Authorities to Teaching School Hubs, including proposed timescales for the transition and any challenges that organisations would face because of these reforms.

The two main outcomes to the consultation were:

  1. Teaching School Hubs will become the main providers of Appropriate Body services and Local Authorities will no longer carry out this role.
  2. Local Authorities will not be able to claim new ECTs after 31 August 2023 but are able to offer Appropriate Body services until 31 August 2024.

The next steps for schools

HISP Teaching School Hub is working closely with Hampshire Assure to ensure a seamless transition for schools and Early Career Teachers.

Schools employing new ECTs from September 2023 will need to choose a Teaching School Hub to register their ECTs for Appropriate Body services as Hampshire Assure will no longer be able to operate as an Appropriate Body. However, Hampshire Assure is committed to continuing to provide Appropriate Body services to ECTs they currently work with until 31st August 2024 when they cease to be able to operate as an Appropriate Body.

To support schools with the transition period of Appropriate Body services from Hampshire Assure to HISP Teaching School Hub, please read the transition roadmap by following this link:

HISP TSH Hampshire AB Transition Roadmap

For more information about the Department of Education’s Appropriate Body reform agenda, please read the briefing document by following this link: 

Appropriate Body Reforms DfE Briefing Pack

For more information about Hampshire Assure’s transition intentions please read the communication by following this link: 

Communication from Hampshire LA

For more information about the transition period and to find out more about HISP Teaching School Hub’s Appropriate Body offer please email

For more information about the transition of Appropriate Body services from Hampshire Local Authority to HISP Teaching School Hub you can watch a joint briefing via this link  

Early Career Teacher induction | Hampshire County Council (   

Department of Education

Guidance on statutory induction, training and support for ECTs and the expected responsibilities of schools can be accessed here

Appropriate Body Statutory Guidance for September 2023 can be accessed here

Statutory Guidance for 2023 Induction for Early Career Teachers can be accessed here.