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Postgraduate Teacher Apprenticeship

The Postgraduate Teacher Apprenticeship offers a great opportunity for graduates who want to start a career in education. This fee-free, salaried route offers aspiring teachers the chance to attain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) whilst employed within a school.

Introducing the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship



With the challenge of teacher recruitment and retention continuing to loom large, Teacher Apprenticeships emerge as a practical solution for both prospective teachers and schools. By leveraging funding from the Apprenticeship Levy, these programs remove financial barriers associated with ITT, widening the pool of potential teachers. In addition, secondary schools utilising Teacher Apprenticeships further benefit from grant funding designed to directly support the apprentice teacher's salary.

Teacher Apprenticeships – Primary


Teacher Apprenticeships - Secondary




The Postgraduate Teacher Apprenticeship also provides a practical solution for existing support staff to take the next step in their career journey. Available to LSAs, HLTAs, cover supervisors, lab technicians and the countless other support staff roles that exist within schools, this ‘upskill’ route to QTS enables staff to remain employed whilst they train, helping overcome the large financial burden presented by the traditional fee-funded pathways.

Upskilling existing staff



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Understanding levy funding


Diary of an Apprentice Teacher




Best Practice Network is one of the UK’s leading providers of training, development and support for education professionals. BPN delivers Initial Teacher Training in partnership with local school clusters to provide a school-centered training pathway. BPN offers both Apprenticeship and Fee-Funded routes into teaching across Primary, Primary SEND, and Secondary.

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