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ITT Strategic Role

From September 2023, all Teaching School Hubs (TSHs) are delivering new strategic roles to support local ITT delivery across their area. TSHs will play an important regional role in their area working with schools and accredited ITT providers to understand the local market, context and challenges. TSHs are also required to recruit and deliver as an accredited ITT provider or as a Lead Partner for at least one accredited ITT provider from 2024. 

HISP TSH will also be able to offer information and support to schools wishing to engage in ITT for the first time or increase their engagement in ITT. Please contact: 


Teaching School Hubs are required to do the following by the DfE:  

  1. Map school engagement in their TSH area to help understand the ITT Landscape

  2. Track the % of schools who are engaged in ITT. The DfE’s definition of engagement is- “A school is classed as engaged with ITT if they provide an ITT placement for an ITT trainee.” You do not have to have had this offer taken up for your school to be classified as engaged

  3. Track the level of school engagement*

  4. Track the schools willing to offer Intensive Training and Practice placements alongside their ITT provider

*The DfE’s definition of the different levels of engagement are:   

  • Fully engaged = currently hosting a trainee either for full or part placement in the academic year.  
  • Partially engaged/infrequently engaged = School is willing to host but doesn't have an active trainee in the academic year.  
  • Not engaged = No engagement / not willing or able to host.