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Our new partnership with Sandringham Computing Hub

We are pleased to announce that the HISP Learning Partnership is working with Sandringham Computing Hub (run by Alban TSH) to offer DfE subsidised CPD and support for schools across the HISP region.

The offer is part of the National Centre of Computing Education’s national network of computing hubs run by STEM learning. The National Centre for Computing Education is funded by the Department for Education and marks a significant investment in improving the provision of computing education in England. Sandringham Computing Hub is a successful hub that has been assigned to the region following the closure of Park House Computing Hub. 

The hub offers: 

  • High quality evidence-informed CPD aimed at developing subject knowledge and pedagogy in Computing and Computer Science from KS1-4 

  • Subsidies to support the school in releasing teachers to attend the CPD, for example the Computer Science Accelerator sessions are free for Secondary teachers and attract a £220 per day subsidy, Primary courses cots £65 and there is £220 subsidy for the first teacher to attend from that Primary school each academic year 

  • Subject Matter Expert Support 

  • A complete, evidence-informed, fully resourced curriculum for KS1-4 (available at 

  • Subject Matter Expert support, including significant support for schools not yet offering GCSE Computer Science or at risk of stopping the qualification 

  • Loan kit for free hire from the HISP Learning Partnership Hub, for 6 weeks at a time (further details here

  • All courses are listed and regularly updated on the Sandringham Computing Hub website here 

Click below to view the courses running from the HISP Learning Partnership Hub based at Tanners Brook Primary School, Southampton: 



Other courses in the region can be found at 

Check out this article from Christian Turton (Deputy Director: Computing and EdTech, Alban Teaching School Hub) about the Golden Thread of teacher development in computing.