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Marc Rowland - Talk Recap

We had the pleasure of hosting pupil premium expert, advisor and author at HISP TSH on Wednesday 6th April for the second of our 'An afternoon with.....' series of talks.

Key takeaways from Marc's inspiration talk were: 

-Ditch the labels and be an expert in your pupils

-Build relationships

-Spend time diagnosing and identifying the real needs  

-Focus on fewer things and be relentless in your approach

-Be wary of our own biases

For more information and guidance about successful implementation of pupil premium strategy visit the EEF website Using pupil premium | EEF ( and also visit the website of HISP Research School Home Page | HISP Research School to find out about the EEF's 'Making the Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils' training programme.

Next up is PSHE conference on the 30th June - more information can be found here