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Education Development Trust (EDT) NPQs

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Education Development Trust (EDT), who share our values and have a track record of delivering high-quality professional development. As a delivery partner, we will host training events with experienced local facilitators and ensure materials are adapted to fit the needs of educators and pupils across our Teaching School Hub areas. 

All programme content is developed in collaboration with schools from a wide range of contexts. Education Development Trust also have strategic partnerships with a number of leading national and international organisations to ensure that participants have access to exceptionally high-quality expertise and content, carefully designed to address the real issues teachers and leaders face each day. These organisations include Evidence Based Education, Sheffield Hallam University Institute of Education, National Literacy TrustPen Green Centre and White Rose Education

Leadership NPQs:

National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL):  

for school leaders who are, or are aspiring to be, a senior leader with cross-school responsibilities. 

NPQSL Brochure



Please view the videos below to hear from Aamir Kohli one of our NPQ Senior Leadership NPQ Participants from Trafalgar School in Portsmouth, about why he applied for the NPQSL, how he has found studying the NPQSL so far and what has been his highlight on his NPQ journey with us and EDT.

Why did you enrol in the NPQSL?


How have you found the NPQSL so far?


What has been your highlight of the programme?





National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH): 

for school leaders who are, or are aspiring to be, a headteacher or head of school with responsibility for leading a school 

NPQH Brochure



National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership (NPQEL): 

for school leaders who are, or are aspiring to be, an executive headteacher or have a school trust CEO role with responsibility for leading several schools. This NPQ is delivered centrally by Education Development Trust. 

NPQEL Brochure

EDT Promotional Video



National Professional Qualification for Early Years Leadership (NPQEYL): 

for leaders qualified to at least Level 3 with a full and relevant qualification who are, or are aspiring to be: 

  • managers of private, voluntary, and independent nurseries 

  • headteachers or leaders of school-based or maintained nurseries 

  • childminders with leadership responsibilities 

  • other early years foundation stage leaders, such as reception class teachers or early years coordinators 

The NPQEYL will support leaders to develop expertise in leading high-quality education and care, as well as in effective staff and organisational managements, working with and through colleagues so that every child gets the best start in life. 

The EDT's NPQEYL programme is designed in partnership with the Pen Green Centre for Children and their Families, and with expert inputs from our partner Early Years settings. This ensures all content is up-to-date, relevant and immediately applicable for all participants, whether they are working in the context of school-based, PVI or childminding settings. Please click here to view a video introducing EDT's strategic partnership with Pen Green centre.

Nursery World have published an article about the NPQ for Early Years Leadership, featuring input from colleagues at Pen Green Centre and Education Development Trust. 

Steph Lawrence, senior education adviser for the Early Years Professional Development Programme at EDT has written an article, which can be viewed here, on the importance of prioritising CPD for early years staff, at a time when the impact of the pandemic is being seen on child development.

NPQEYL Brochure

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The DfE have created an NPQEYL Summative Assessment FAQ, to support NPQEYL participants and those thinking about registering for the NPQEYL to understand more about the assessment which takes place once the training has been completed. This can be accessed here.  

Still not sure of the NPQEYL is the right qualification for you? Read this blog post to find out more about the benefits of completing the NPQ in Early Years Leadership. The Department of Education is offering free high-quality leadership training for leaders of PVI nurseries and other early years settings - Read this blog post to find out more.

To support applicants to understand the courses offered through the Early Years Education Recovery programme, the DfE have mapped out key information about the courses and their differences in this document. This is designed to provide an at-a-glance overview of the courses available, clearly setting out key information to help potential applicants understand more about the differences between the courses and support them to select the course that best suits their developmental needs.

Early Headship Coaching Offer (EHCO): 

This is an unassessed face-to-face one-year package of structured support, based on the best available evidence about what makes an effective headteacher. Designed for those early on in their headship role, you can complete it alongside the NPQ for Headship (NPQH) or if you have recently taken the NPQH, and it includes group coaching, and networking opportunities. 

You are eligible for this offer if you meet the following criteria: 

  • you are in your first 5 years of headship 

  • you are employed in England in a state-funded school or state-funded 16 to 19 organisation on starting the training 

  • you have either completed a National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) before taking up your first headship post or are currently taking one 

  • you have not withdrawn from the additional support programme previously 

Click here for further information.

Specialist NPQs: 

National Professional Qualification for Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC): 

for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading behaviour and/or supporting pupil wellbeing in their school. 

NPQLBC Brochure



National Professional Qualification for Leading Teaching (NPQLT): 

for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading teaching in a subject, year group, key stage or phase. 

NPQLT Brochure



National Professional Qualification for Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD):  

for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading the development of other teachers in their school. They may have responsibilities for the development of all teachers across a school or specifically trainees or teachers who are early in their career. 

NPQLTD Brochure



National Professional Qualification for Leading Literacy (NPQLL):  

for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading literacy across a school, year group, key stage or phase. 

NPQLL Brochure



National Professional Qualification for Leading Primary Mathematics (NPQLPM):  

for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibility for leading maths across a primary key-stage or school. 

NPQLPM Brochure



Here is a summary of the time commitments for each NPQ programmes: 

These programmes have been designed to work for you, and some common features include: 

  • Local cohort groups, meaning less travel time, and online self-study that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, for easy access and reference whenever needed 

  • Tailored content through regular formative assessments and surveys and real-life situations, so you can see yourself in examples which in turn support you to apply new techniques quickly 

  • Access to national specialist tutors for selected specialisms who will provide additional support throughout each programme 

  • Supportive scheduling with part-time options to suit you, recorded/additional sessions in case of last-minute unavailability, and enhanced well-being and workload reduction resources

Please view the videos below to hear from Rachel Toy, one of our NPQ Leading Teacher Development NPQ Participants from Kings School in Winchester, about what has been her highlight on her NPQ journey with us and EDT and how she fits in her NPQ studies with a busy workload.

How much time do you spend on your NPQ programme?


What has been the highlight of your NPQ learning journey?




Each of the NPQs is underpinned by a content framework that sets out what participants should know and be able to do after completing an NPQ. 

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